Comprehensive Care that Employs

Both Eastern and Western Medicine

Headed by Jennifer Pulcini

Kiaya Wellness provides world-class procedures in the name of beauty and wellness. Our team believes that holistic and compassionate care must be provided to all patients, which can be done by treating the root cause of their problems. By combining the healing powers of Reiki and the physiologic benefits of Ketamine on mental health, helps promote overall wellness and improved quality of life for our patients.

It combines the principles of Reiki, a complementary medicine procedure first practiced in Japan, and Ketamine Therapy, a FDA approved medication, to provide optimum benefits to the quality of life of our patients.

Experience Exceptional and Exclusive Care through Reiki and Ketamine:

A Combination of Complementary and Traditional Medicine

This combines the power of Reiki, a complementary medicine procedure that may or may not use instruments like crystals and wand healing chakra, and the scientifically-based benefits of Ketamine to promote overall better quality of life for the patients undergoing the procedure.

Deep Relaxation

The pain and worries of our patients may be helped eased by Reiki’s ability to promote relaxation combined with Ketamine’s mental health benefits. A good procedure to promote deep relaxation. It provides relaxing benefits like meditation, calm and protection, and spiritual healing. It helps a patient with trauma and even frees them from repressed emotions.

Relieve Emotional Stress

IM Ketamine or ketamine therapy involves infusing ketamine at controlled doses. It’s gaining popularity for its benefits in treating chronic pain and helping with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and OCD because of its role in boosting neural activity and neuroplasticity. Ketamine, when combined in with Reiki, also known to relieve anxiety in patients, can help result in an overall relief in emotional stress.

Improve Overall Well-Being

Since this helps relieve anxiety and other issues of the mind and soul, we believe that undergoing this will ultimately help in promoting an overall improvement in the well-being of our patients. It helps our patients achieve a new and better life through holistic healing and care.