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Having amazing Mental Health requires a lot of support. We are Initiating change to the way we view mental health by providing holistic services, technology based services, and western based services.

Ketamine Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

Welcome to Kiaya Wellness

We specialize in alternative & holistic care for mental health. Creating a plan of care that is specific to your needs. Achieve real and lasting change in your life through optimal mental, physical and spiritual health.

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Steps to Receiving Treatment

Ketamine infusion therapy at our Las Vegas clinic

Additional Treatment Programs

Ketamine infusion therapy at our Las Vegas clinic

Ketamine Therapy

Traditional medications and therapy not getting you to where you want to be? Break free from the heavy chains of depression, anxiety, and other life stressors with clinician-prescribed ketamine treatments that are scientifically proven, safe and effective.

Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapies at Kiaya Wellness encourages patients to discover new activities that engage their personalities and interests to help them cope with the ups and downs of newly found sobriety.

Family Therapy

With the help of our professionals, you can get out of unhealthy cognitive, emotional and behavioral patterns.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) processes is an effective technique for identifying and resolving life issues. It is based on a health psychology perspective that is goal oriented and evidence based for maximum efficiency.

Contact information for our Ketamine Clinic in Las Vegas

Substance Abuse Programs

Our addiction and substance us treatment program is designed to help you or a loved one struggling with addiction take back your life and start to heal - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Using behavioral therapy, Kiaya's trained therapists work together with the client using educational and psycho-dynamic approaches to help achieve a higher level of functional health.

Mindfulness Groups

This group setting is an in-depth introduction to mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice that blends ancient contemplative traditions and contemporary science to help alleviate suffering and promote wellbeing.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are treatment programs used to address addictions, depression, eating disorders, or other dependencies that do not require detoxification or 'round-the-clock supervision.

Lifestyle and Supplement Support

Our team always considers important components such as patients’ home environments, diet, exercise, meditation, and social factors when developing treatment plans.

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Give us a call or submit an application us through our assessment survey.

2. Let's Get To Know Each Other

We’ll get back to you to schedule a one- hour intake evaluation

3. Develop A Plan

From there, we’ll develop a care plan together to get you on the path to well-being.

We Serve Clients From All Walks Of Life

Empathy - Innovation - Prevention - Personalization

We specialize in natural treatments for mental health. Creating a plan of care that is specific to your needs. Our associates help you achieve real and lasting change in your life through optimal mental, physical and spiritual health.

Kiaya's World-Class Team

What excites Jennifer is the ability to put all of her years of professional experience working in psychiatric facilities, nonprofit counseling centers, spiritual care coordination, and running her own private practice into Kiayas programing

Myra is a certified medical officer and psychologist practicing in Nevada. She brings over a decade of experience working in the mental health and wellness industry.

Experienced medical team at our Ketamine Clinic

Kevin is thrilled to note that he LGBTQIA-friendly and offers a transgender safe space to work with patients.
Kevin is a Psychiatry Specialist in Las Vegas, NV and has over 8 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Western University Of Health Sciences-College Of Osteopathic Medicine Of The Pacific in 2014. His office accepts new patients.

Ketamine infusion therapy at our Las Vegas clinic

Tyson has over 10 years of business administration experience, consulting for businesses across a variety of industries in the US and overseas.


My experience was Kiaya was fantastic. I appreciate that they embrace cutting edge treatments, and their holistic approach. Love it!

The team at Kiaya Wellness helped transform my direction in life with renewed energy.

Thank you Jennifer and team for your patience and support in helping me achieve my transformations!

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If you, or someone you know, is in crisis or needs immediate assistance, please call 911 Send Textimmediately. To talk to someone now, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 Send Text.